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After Google Chrome 104 was released, several manufacturers of other Chromium-based browsers followed suit and also provided updates to close several security vulnerabilities.

On August 2nd, Google released the new major version 104 of its Chrome browser. In it, the Google developers have eliminated 27 security holes. Several manufacturers of Chromium-based browsers have now followed suit and updated their software. So far these are Brave, Microsoft (Edge) and Vivaldi. With Opera it takes longer again.


has already released its new browser version 1.42.86 on August 3rd. Like Chrome, it is based on Chromium version 104.0.5112.81. With the successor version 1.42.88 the manufacturer fixed a bug related to the cryptocurrency wallet.

▶The latest security updates

Microsoft released an update to the new Edge version 104.0.1293.47 based on Chromium 104.0.5112.81 late on August 6, long after the weekend in Europe. In it, Microsoft also fixed three Edge-specific vulnerabilities, one of which is considered high risk.

▶Edge with built-in free VPN

Vivaldi released its browser this morning in the new version 5.4 based on Chromium 104.0.5112.83. Like Chrome, Brave and Edge, Vivaldi is free of known Chromium vulnerabilities. In the new Vivaldi generation 5.4 you can also mute web panels and customize certain mouse gestures (“rocker gestures”) that previously had a fixed function. The developers have fine-tuned the integrated Vivaldi Mail (now in version 1.1) with calendar and feed reader.

Opera also seems to be getting closer to moving to Chromium 104. The latest beta version of Opera 90 already has Chromium version 104.0.5112.81. In the current Opera version 89.0.4447.83, however, Chromium 103.0.5060.134 from July 19 is still used.

Chromium-based browsers at a glance:



Chromium version

Google Chrome


104.0.5112.81 🟢



104.0.5112.81 🟢

Microsoft Edge


104.0.5112.81 🟢



103.0.5060.134 🟠



104.0.5112.83 🟢

Chromium-based browsers as of 8/10/2022

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