sedan hits the headlines in California in first quarter

In second position in terms of sales of electric cars in France, the Tesla Model 3 is a hit at home and exceeds those of the Honda Civic.

Despite a premium definition and a price that is not within the reach of all budgets (but at the most interesting price / performance ratio), the Tesla Model 3 embraces success. Finishing most of the exercises on the podium in France, the electric sedan goes so far as to beat thermal references at home.

According to the figures published by the California New Car Dealers Association, the Tesla Model 3 sold 18,856 copies over the first three months of the year. Not only counting as the best-selling electric car in the American state during this period, the sedan even surpassed the Honda Civic (18,001 units), yet considered an institution in California!

The Model 3 is 5.5 times more sold than the BMW 3 Series

In its category, the Tesla Model 3 is far better than the BMW 3 Series and Lexus ES, which register 3,473 and 2,703 registrations respectively.

Adding sales of Model S, Model X and Model Y, the Californian brand recorded 23,250 copies, an increase of 9.3% compared to the same period in 2019. This positive result (when competitors record negative performances due to the health crisis) should repeat itself in the coming quarters thanks to the arrival of the Tesla Model Y and the recent drop in prices for Model S and Model X.


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