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Huge skylight

Antwerp Central station in Belgium is extremely popular among photographers, drafters and painters. The world-famous station has a steel platform roof and a stone building in eclectic style. One of the highlights is the enormous skylight above the waiting area.

Gold accents

From Tokyo you can reach the Kanazawa train station in two hours. The mix of a modern and traditional architectural style is already noticeable at the wooden entrance. The dome is made of glass and steel. The wooden entrance resembles a torii, a Japanese gate that provides access to a Shinto shrine. In 2005, the station was refurbished with gold accents throughout.

Busy node

Haydarpasa Station is one of Istanbul’s most important historical buildings. With six floors, this is one of the busiest hubs in Eastern Europe. The building is largely surrounded by water. You have the best view of it from the ferry.

At a great height

Before the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland you go up almost 3500 meters. The train journey to the highest station in the country is a spectacular journey in itself, with breathtaking scenery all around you. Once you have arrived, you look out on the particularly beautiful Aletsch Glacier.


One of the busiest stations in the world is in Mumbai, India. Chhatrapati Shivaji was built in 1888. It is teeming with statues.

In front of the main entrance is a column with a lion and tiger. The lion represents Great Britain, the former colonizer, the tiger represents India.

Gateway to Europe

The British capital has several train stations, but the most impressive is St. Pancras International, which is the only one with international connections. Since 2007 it has been the starting point of the Eurostar, the high-speed connection through the Channel Tunnel.

The combination of Victorian and ultramodern architectural style makes the station a landmark. With countless shops, bars and restaurants.


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