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Our own Felix Wilbrink is on the jury (together with BBQ specialist Jord Althuizen (Smokey Goodness), Lars Drost, winner Hottest Chef Competition 2015 and now sous chef at Ciel Bleu **, Sharon van Lokhorst, editor-in-chief of online culinary platform Favor Flav and Tabasco’s Corporate Chef Gary Evans). Then you know: things can get hot. That is exactly the intention during the culinary competition for the Hottest Chef, in which the best recipe with the hot stuff Tabasco as an ingredient is sought. After a heated discussion, five potential contenders remained, whereby the recipe was assessed for authenticity, topicality, originality and theme “Spice Up Your Kitchen”, using local products and one or more Tabasco sauces. These five candidates have advanced to the final:

Martijn Jansen

Province with spice: Panna cotta of asparagus / -18c spicy egg yolk / marinated snails / BBQ asparagus / Hereford beef tartare / herring caviar / parsley cream and asparagus cake.

Jury: “Not only did Martijn opt for ultra-local ingredients, he transformed them in a special way into a unique and creative dish that radiates pride in his region. The flavors and structures seem carefully coordinated and come with a variety of Tabasco sauces that strengthen each element independently. ”

Robbert Frans

Grilled chiperones and beef heart, chives, shallot, buttermilk-lime dressing, paprika tabasco oil and fresh herb salad with green tabasco

Jury: “Whether it is the use of the unknown beef heart or the typical Dutch buttermilk, the right combination of flavors and structures or the understanding of how to use hot sauces in a dish, the jury certainly agreed unanimously: we want to taste this! ”

Edgar Everstijn

Slice with streaky bacon and rye bread

Jury: “By transforming the traditional Dutch classic Snert into a beautiful dish in which the hot touches of various types of Tabasco have been delicately applied, Edgar convinced the jury of a final place.”

Bart Vervest

Grilled Brabant white gold, tender salmon and a condiment of Tabasco Jalapeño

Jury: “Picking or buying ingredients in your immediate environment, using a family recipe for sour will, combining this with the regional product asparagus and providing all this with a nice garnish with the hot sauce in the main role makes this dish a worthy entry.”

Marc Rewinkel

Spicy Rolmops from Rode Mul with traditional Dutch cucumber sweet and sour

Jury: „The choice to go for an undervalued Dutch fish (red mullet) as the main protagonist in his dish and then to give it a creative twist of a ‘roll mops’ preparation shows both creativity and an understanding of the Hottest Chef competition theme of this year. The way Tabasco has been applied in the court shows a nice balance between court, support and recognisability in the total. ” Do you want to have a vote in the final winner? Which can! From May 11 you can vote for your favorite dish here. The professional jury will also choose a winner. At the end of May, it will be announced who will take the prize: a culinary trip to Avery Island (USA), the place where Tabasco is made.


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