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Seed shocked by Karbaat viewers: ‘nauseating documentary’

The Seed of Carbaat had its television premiere yesterday. Miriam Guttmann’s three-part documentary tells the story of the late doctor Jan Karbaat. He inseminated dozens of unsuspecting mothers with his own sperm. Viewers responded with disgust on Twitter, but there were also compliments for the young documentary maker.

The case first came to light in 2011. Karbaat is said to have told a donor child that he used his own sperm to inseminate women, but later refused to cooperate with a DNA test. It is now known that he is the biological father of at least 82 children, including 71 donor children.

Documentary The Seed Of Carbat

The documentary The seed of Karbaat tells the insane story of the doctor on the basis of those involved and biological children. How could this happen? And what has it done to the mothers and descendants? Watch the trailer.

The three-part documentary, based on the story of Karbaat, also delves deeper into the nature-nurture debate. The desire for immortality and the moral issues surrounding anonymous donorship are central to this.

Praise and criticism on Twitter, but viewers mostly shocked

Criticism of the documentary lies mainly in unnecessary tension, based on sound effects and reliving. The visual language would also be a bit over-the-top. But there are mainly compliments for the young documentary maker Miriam Guttmann. “Astonishingly beautiful portrayed”, a viewer responds on Twitter. Criticism or not, what each The Seed of Carbaatviewer will recognize are the chills. “Sickening. Intense scary guy. ” A compilation of the stream of reactions.

The first part of The Seed of Carbaat can be seen here. Also interesting: the interview at Jinek, with the documentary maker and a few biological children of the doctor.

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Seed shocked by Karbaat viewers: ‘nauseating’


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