Sega plans remakes of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi

According to current rumors, Sega is planning remakes of the two cult games “Jet Set Radio” and “Crazy Taxi”.

Publisher Sega wants to establish itself as a publisher with games that enjoy worldwide popularity and continuously flush money into the company’s coffers – similar to “Fortnite” from Epic Games. To put this plan into action, Sega is planning remakes of well-known classics.

Sega wants to reissue classics

As the Bloomberg news agency claims to have learned from internal circles, Sega speaks of a so-called “Super Game” initiative. As part of this, the publisher is planning reboots, remasters and remakes of its older games. In the last business report, “Jet Set Radio”, “Crazy Taxi”, “Rez”, “Panzer Dragoon” and “Streets of Rage” are mentioned here.

Release planned for 2024 or 2025

According to Bloomberg, remakes of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi are in the early stages of development. Sega has been working on a new edition of Crazy Taxi for about a year. The release is planned for 2024 or 2025. A release date for the remake of “Jet Set Radio” is not yet known. An official confirmation from Sega is also still pending.

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