Self-employed club sues for ‘unfair’ distribution of corona support

Some of the self-employed feel disadvantaged by the differences that have arisen in the provision of corona support. Thanks to the extended NOW scheme, employees will continue to receive their wages in full, while the self-employed have had to make do with the regular Assistance for the Self-Employed (Bbz) since the abolition of the Tozo scheme on 1 October.

‘Support is insufficient’

“At the moment, support for self-employed people with or without staff is insufficient,” says founder Roos Wouters of the Werkvereniging to RTL Z. “All self-employed are reduced to social assistance level, really the social minimum. While employees with a permanent contract can increase their salary up to three times the modal guaranteed payment.”

According to her, this leads to an ever-widening gap between the self-employed and employees. “We think it is unjust that one group is actually completely spared and the other group is allowed to absorb the financial blows of the corona crisis. The corona measures affect everyone and that is not a business risk.”

Buffers on

By filing a lawsuit, the interest group hopes that the government will distribute the corona support more fairly and that more attention will be paid to the differences between self-employed and employees during the ongoing corona crisis.

Wouters: “I want to see an end to this, as far as I am concerned, moron gap and for moral indignation to grow. This leads to the group of self-employed people becoming more and more consuming their buffers, if they have not been used up for a long time. This also results for most in tax debts, which they will face for years to come.”


Because the Werkvereniging itself says it does not have the necessary financial resources to pay for this lawsuit, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up. For example, an amount of 25,000 euros has to be collected in lawyer’s fees.

When this article was published, more than 4,700 euros had been donated. Wouters: “The lawsuit has already started, we are taking the risk and supplementing what has not been received. But everyone who contributes ensures that we do not end up with any debt.”

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