Self – employed organizations denounce tax proposals Financial

According to them, the corona crisis has once again demonstrated that self-employed workers desperately need a buffer. However, a recent report with policy options prepared by officials, which was sent to the House of Representatives by State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief, contains suggestions to cut the tax benefits for the self-employed.

Solo partners, a self-employed organization in health care, regard the proposals as a slap in the face. In response, Chairman Charles Verhoef of Self-Employed Construction points to the great importance of the self-employed deduction and the SME profit exemption for his supporters. As an alternative to all schemes to be abolished, the officials do propose a capital or general investment allowance for companies, adds chairman Henk Hofstra of Professional Artists Association. But according to him, “not a cent” is reserved for that.

With the suggestions for a different tax system, the officials want to, among other things, offer a solution to the increasing tax burden on labor for workers. A move is also being made to reduce the differences in tax burden between employees and the self-employed. So-called director-major shareholders pay much less tax than employees above a certain income.


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