Sell ​​Fritzbox: How to delete all data

Caution: It is not enough to just activate the factory settings if you want your Fritzbox to change hands.

You treated yourself to a new Fritzbox because you got a faster DSL connection, wanted faster WLAN or the previous one gave up the ghost. The new router is already in use, what happens to the old Fritzbox now? You can continue to use them in the network,

for example as a mesh repeater

Or you sell your router or pass it on to friends or acquaintances: In this case, you must first ensure that you completely remove your data from the router – on the one hand for security reasons, on the other hand because the next owner cannot otherwise use it.

Fritzbox: restore factory settings

To delete all settings, reset the Fritzbox to its factory settings. This can be done in the router menu under “System -› Backup – ›Factory settings” by clicking on the “Load factory settings” button. After the reset, your settings are gone. However, the last installed Fritz OS version and its new functions are retained – in this respect, the box is usually no longer identical to the one you originally bought.

However, resetting does not delete the entry “Changes not supported by the manufacturer” on the overview page. This is caused, for example, by an alternative firmware that you may have installed for test purposes, or a previously active Telnet access to the Fritzbox.

Delete Fritzbox error messages

So that this message does not cause confusion for the new owner, you have to perform a complete reset of the Fritzbox using the appropriate AVM tool. To download it, go to the website
and then click on the name of your Fritzbox, then on “Germany” and “recover”. Next, download the exe file.

In the following, you have to connect a computer directly to the Fritzbox using a LAN cable – to the WAN or LAN1 port of the router. Now disconnect all other connections to the Fritzbox and the notebook – including those to the Internet. You should also switch off the local firewall on the computer for the duration of the recovery process.

Now start the recovery program by double-clicking on the EXE file. Then confirm three times with “Next”. You may have to select the LAN card in the computer via which the connection to the Fritzbox is established – check at the bottom of this window whether the computer has received a valid IP address and confirm with “Apply”. Then disconnect the Fritzbox from the power and click on “OK”. Then connect the Fritzbox again. The tool deletes the memory of the Fritzbox and overwrites it with the Fritz OS version contained in the tool name. If you see the message “Fritzbox successfully restored!” In the log window, click “Next” and “Finish”. After restarting the router, the message in the menu should have disappeared.

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Sometimes it is not enough to just reset a Fritzbox to factory settings before passing it on. Then the recovery program from AVM comes into play.


Sometimes it is not enough to just reset a Fritzbox to factory settings before passing it on. Then the recovery program from AVM comes into play.


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