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If you want to sell your used car, you can try different ways. In addition to the usually time-consuming private sale by advertisement, at car markets or trade-in by a dealer, which is linked to the purchase of a new vehicle, there has been another alternative for several years: the online sale of used cars via special Internet portals.

These purchase portals offer the private seller many advantages. Because the car owner can conveniently manage the sale from his desk at home, the portals organize a legally compliant transaction, and in the end an attractive price can be achieved.

carsale24 is one of the largest buying portals in Germany, which was able to convince AUTO BILD in a first practical test. The offer from carsale24 for a used VW Sharan was 500 euros higher than the dealer purchase price previously calculated by TÜV. The purchase portal supports private car sellers in the sales process from creating the advertisement to price negotiations with potential buyers to the conclusion of a binding purchase contract.

The team of experts at carsale24 draws on a large network of certified car dealers with a wide variety of specializations and can thus maximize the probability of sale, offer a secure car sale and guarantee the seller the highest possible sales price. The service is free for the seller; carsale24 is financed by a commission from the dealer when the vehicle is sold.

This is how car sales via carsale24 work in detail

In the first step, the seller takes photos of his car. Both sides should be shown if possible, front and rear view as well as engine, trunk and interior. To do this, he selects the most important vehicle data from the vehicle registration document and uploads it to the website together with any damage that needs to be quantified. Carsale24 then checks the data, makes license plates and, if necessary, people unrecognizable and creates a meaningful advertisement. In the bidding round that follows, car dealers from all over Germany registered with carsale24 submit bids on the vehicle within one to three days.

car purchase

At carsale24 there is no on-site inspection. Therefore, the seller has to provide very detailed information about the car on the portal. Photos are also important.

Unlike some other portals, a price is only given once the dealer’s bids have been received. The dealers do not contact the seller for this purpose. After the end of the bidding round, carsale24 renegotiates, often resulting in an even better price. Now the seller can select the best offer. If the proposed price does not correspond to the desired price, there is the possibility of another bidding round. As soon as the used car owner’s asking price is reached, he can confirm and agree to the sale with binding effect.

No renegotiation of the purchase price during the on-site inspection

Only now are addresses exchanged so that the collection of the vehicle can be organised. At the same time, carsale24 creates a legally valid, pre-filled sales contract that was created according to current guidelines and sends it to buyers and sellers. After an appointment has been made, the car will be picked up by the dealer free of charge.

A renegotiation of the purchase price during the on-site inspection is not planned. The seller decides whether the purchase price should be paid by bank transfer or in cash upon collection. Even after the end of the bidding round, the carsale24 service team is available to advise the car owner.

Especially when selling newer, high-quality vehicles, it is advisable to have a condition report of the car drawn up by an independent appraiser. If you opt for the optional premium service from carsale24, you can order an appraiser for the location of your choice for EUR 179. The expert inspects the car, documents vehicle data, equipment and any damage in a condition report, evaluates the vehicle, takes photos and thus creates the advertisement. Advantage: The dealers registered on carsale24 regularly offer higher prices if there is a neutral status report.

With or without an expert opinion, selling a used car via carsale24 saves the car owner the time-consuming task of creating an advertisement, the nerve-wracking search for a buyer and protects against all the risks that a private sale can entail. The service of the Internet platform is not only convenient and secure, but in most cases brings the desired sales success in the end.

What advantages does carsale 24 offer compared to a private sale?

If you have nerves of steel and want to take your time, you can advertise your car independently on classified ad markets or corresponding portals. He then has to reckon with various calls and possible inquiries by e-mail, receive interested parties and accept test drives.

Visiting car markets is also not entirely stress-free. The seller is often confronted with negotiating car dealers who are trying to reduce the purchase price noticeably. If the sale is successful, a return trip and the later deregistration of the vehicle should also be planned.

It is more convenient to sell the vehicle to a dealer or give it in part exchange. When simply selling to a dealer, however, it is often not possible to achieve an acceptable price and a trade-in is linked to the purchase of a new car. Trade-in offers are often slightly lower than well-negotiated offers from commercial used car buyers. It therefore makes sense to separate the processing of a trade-in from the purchase of a new car in order to obtain a comparison with a classic sales process.

When selling the used car via carsale24, on the other hand, a team of experts helps the seller to find a commercial and verified buyer and accompanies the entire process from the creation of the advertisement to the final purchase contract. In this way, the vehicle can be sold within a few days at the best price without incurring any costs for the seller.

Frequently asked questions about car sales via Carsale24

Is carsale24 free for the seller?


The carsale24 service is free for car sellers. The Internet portal is financed by a commission from the dealers when the vehicles are sold.

What happens if the car for sale is damaged?


Minor damage also has a negative impact on the market value of the car. Therefore, carsale24 recommends removing this damage in advance, for example by removing dents using Smart Repair, removing scratches or professional interior preparation. Almost always, these measures have a profitable effect on the selling price, especially for high-quality and newer cars. If the car was involved in an accident, the seller of the accident car is obliged to point out damage caused by an accident that goes beyond minor character. Among the dealers registered with carsale24 there are also many who have specialized in the purchase of accident cars. Damaged vehicles can also be sold easily via the Internet portal.

What photos are required of the car for sale?


If the photos to be taken by the vehicle owner are meaningful, the best selling price can be achieved. In addition, the images should reflect the current condition. The following views are required: both sides of the vehicle, front and rear, engine and trunk compartment and the interior front and rear.

What is the bidding round?


For one to three days after publication of the sales advertisement created by carsale24, car dealers from all over Germany have the opportunity to submit binding purchase offers for the used cars. These dealers must register in advance with a dealer ID on carsale24 in order to be able to participate. The bids are submitted without contacting the vehicle owners directly. Addresses are only exchanged once the car owner has agreed to a sale.

What happens if the bids are not high enough for the seller?


If the dealer’s bids fall below the asking price specified by the vehicle owner in advance, the vehicle owner can start another free bidding round. If the purchase offers represent a significant difference to the asking price or a realistic market value, carsale24 support is available by telephone on 0212 – 520 877 60.

Does the seller have to sell his car after the bidding round?


There is only an obligation to sell if the previously specified asking price has been reached.

Is the seller obliged to select the highest bid after the bidding round?


The car owner does not have to give the bid to the dealer with the highest bid. He is free to sell the vehicle to another dealer. In most cases, however, accepting the highest bid will be the most sensible decision, as this will result in the best selling price.

How is the contract concluded?


The seller remains anonymous to the dealer until the purchase contract has been drawn up by carsale24. The contact details are only exchanged after the car owner has accepted a bid after a successfully completed bidding round. With the acceptance of the bid, an effective sales contract is created between the seller and the commercial car buyer. carsale24 will immediately send the associated purchase contract by e-mail. This contract is already filled out, it is based – unlike many contract forms that are circulating on the Internet – on the latest standards, contains clauses that are advantageous for the seller, such as the exclusion of any liability for material defects or a timely deadline for the buyer to change their registration. In addition, carsale24 sends out a checklist for vehicle handover as a service.

Can a party withdraw from the purchase contract?


By accepting the bid, the seller agrees to the sale of his vehicle. The result is an effective purchase contract for both contracting parties – even without an additional signature.

Do test drives take place when selling via carsale24?


Unlike selling to private prospects, there are no unpopular and risky test drives when selling via carsale24. If the actual technical condition of the vehicle corresponds to the information in the advertisement, professional car dealers can do without a test drive.

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