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sell your old Billy or Kallax back to IKEA

A verb that you may have to get used to, but one that can still yield quite a bit: sell back. Also good for circularity.

Do you still have an old but functioning Billy in the proverbial closet? Or an Odger in the corner you’ve been sitting on for a bit after all these years? Do not put it in the bulky waste, but sell it back to IKEA and get up to half of your purchase price in return (and even double the value in the promotional period). Provided it is without “furniture cracks” and scratches. Otherwise you will get less.

Bring Back Friday

The Swedish furniture store is today launching an original Furniture exchange service in 27 countries, as a sustainable counterpart to Black Friday: Bring Back Friday. And not just on this Friday, though alltid.

These days you only have to open your laptop, switch on the radio or television or do a scrolling round through your phone or the two words will fly around your ears and eyes. Black Friday. This (online) shopping madness and eagerness not only results in a lot of sales, but also in overconsumption, IKEA realized. Time for a Swedish counter-opinion, in English.

CD cabinet

“With Bring Back Friday we turn it around. We want to show that things can also be done differently by returning your furniture instead of buying something new ”, explains a spokeswoman. “The Furniture Exchange Service encourages customers to give old IKEA products a second life instead of throwing them away.” She has already promoted the service well in her own environment. “I don’t have any furniture to hand in at the moment, but I’ve already heard from my parents and sister about returning an old CD cabinet and chest of drawers. It is very nice to hear the enthusiastic reactions. You notice that the action really creates awareness. ”

Second-hand and second life

The new service is expected to yield 20,000 pieces of furniture this year. “The products are again sold for the same second-hand price in the Koopjeshoek to a new owner, which means that we realize a second-hand furniture offering in all our stores.” The promotion has only just started and is going well right away. “According to the booked time slots, more than a hundred pieces of furniture are being returned today alone. Tables, cupboards and chairs have already passed. ”

Photo of Furniture exchange service
Furniture exchange service in action at IKEA. Photo: Robin van Lonkhuijsen

And if your old Billy doesn’t find a new owner, then the wood chipper won’t wait for him, or worse. If it does not work through the Koopjeshoek, the furniture will go – “together with a donation from us” – to one of Het Goed’s thrift shops. “This also gives furniture that we cannot sell a second life.” It ends well, the good.

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Game controller IKEA

Before you are ready to give the contents of your cutlery drawer or mattress a second life, the service does have a number of rules. For example, not everything can be sold back. For example, the Ahrend (desk), also the Bestå (TV cabinet) and Lömsk (swivel armchair), but not chairs with upholstery, or beds (good).

The guidelines for how much you still get for your furniture are straightforward: If your furniture is undamaged, you will receive half of the purchase price. With some small scratches you get a 40 percent return and “significant scratches and / or damage” means 30 percent return. “Customers receive the value of the product in the form of a credit card. The amount the seller receives is the same amount for which the product is resold to a new owner. ”

Koopjeshoek's photo
Bargain corner. Photo: Robin van Lonkhuijsen


And even before you have already loaded your Billy, it is useful to know that you should not immediately bring your furniture to the store itself. “In view of the situation surrounding corona, we choose not to let customers come to the store with their old furniture anyway.” During the promotional period, the customer can only return the assembled product to the store on a specifically assigned time slot, but visit the website first. “Customers first enter their product here via the permanent tool and receive the estimated second-hand value.”

And so you discover how much your Billy / Ahrend / Friheten / Bestå still yields. The furniture is then returned to customer service. “In most cases, a customer service colleague will take over the price of the online proposal, but if the agent believes the product is in a better or worse condition, the price can be adjusted on the spot.”

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