Selling old Tesla for a profit: Danes offer maximum prices for used Model 3

Normally the game with cars between Denmark and Germany is the other way around. In Denmark, new vehicles are extremely cheap net because the manufacturers have to offset the high taxes that apply there in order not to become too expensive. Some of these Danish vehicles are therefore sold as EU imports at low basic prices to Germany and, despite local taxes, are cheaper here than those directly intended for the German market. Likewise triggered by taxes, however, a brisk trade in used Tesla Model 3 from Germany for Denmark has now started.

Tesla Model 3 after 6 months at the new price

For electric cars, there have been generous exceptions to taxes in Denmark for subsidies. Soon, however, the luxury tax (actually registration fee) payable on the purchase price will also rise for e-cars, from a moderate 20 percent to a hefty 65 percent. In the case of combustion engines, it will even be 150 percent from 2021, so electric cars will remain preferred. Nevertheless, the registration of Teslas will also be significantly more expensive in the coming year – and because there are apparently not enough new vehicles available at the moment, remarkable prices are being offered for used vehicles from Germany.

According to his statements, at least one reader has successfully completed the “Denmark move” that this makes possible in the past few weeks, as he reported in the forum. In response to a test offer from in a car exchange, four inquiries from Danish dealers were received within 24 hours. Up to 42,000 euros with advance payment and personal collection were offered for our Tesla Model 3 standard range plus.

It’s hard to believe: the car is almost 6 months old, has now covered 20,000 kilometers and cost 43,900 euros again, minus the environmental bonus of 37,900 euros, which was then just increased to 6000 euros. The sale to Denmark would have been possible with a nice profit. The proceeds would have been almost exactly enough to buy one of the Tesla Model 3 SR +, which are currently being shipped to Europe from the Gigafactory in China at a slight discount. And later another 6,000 euros environmental bonus would have been paid.

Denmark trick should end soon

As a Long Range version, a new Tesla Model 3 in Denmark already costs almost 63,000 euros – and with the higher tax from next year it will be significantly more. This then also applies to used electric cars, which is why the Denmark trick will probably only work for a few more weeks. If you have a Tesla Model 3 and want to exchange it for one from China or a modernized one from the USA at no extra charge or even with a small bonus, you should pay attention to the environmental bonus period: If the buyer has less than six months of registration, the German one must be Electric car purchase premium to be repaid.


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