“Selling online stores through the roof on Black Friday” | Financial

On the day of the bargain party, according to Klarna, online spending was a whopping 84% higher than a year earlier, an hour after midnight. In the first hour of Black Friday, the web shops were already very busy. Products in the electronics, entertainment and health categories in particular flew over the digital counter.

The week leading up to Black Friday also saw a large stream of buy orders at online stores, Klarna reports. From Monday to Thursday, there was a record increase, according to the payment service, with sales over the internet almost doubling.

In recent years, Black Friday that has spread from America has gained popularity. For a growing number of Dutch people, the bargain festival is the kick-off to get started in the run-up to the celebrations of Sinterklaas and Christmas. Due to the second corona wave, the emphasis among consumers has shifted even more to making purchases in a digital environment.

Yet consumers also turned to traditional shops on Black Friday. For example, due to the peak periods in the center of Rotterdam, it was decided to close all stores prematurely.


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