“Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid are drifting further apart” | Football

Last weekend, Ramos and Perez sat around the table for the competition match with Celta de Vigo, which the defender had to miss due to an injury. However, both parties only drifted further apart.

Ramos would like to subscribe for two years and continue to receive his old salary. President Florentino Pérez, however, does not like that. He’s aiming for a one-year commitment. A contract for two years is only negotiable if Ramos wants to hand in salary. Perez points to the financial consequences of the corona crisis.

Sergio Ramos has been playing for Real Madrid since 2005.

Sergio Ramos has been playing for Real Madrid since 2005.

The Spanish newspaper Marca speaks of “rising tensions”. Also because a new date was not immediately set for a next meeting on Saturday.

Ramos has been under contract with Real Madrid since 2005, which took him away from Seville at the time. He has now played 666 games for the club and has won five league titles. He also won the Champions League four times with the club and the world title for club teams four times.

Just like a few years ago, when Ramos was emphatically flirting with Manchester United, there would now be interest from England again.


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