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Series about ‘Harry Potter’ in the making at HBO Max

HBO Max would have plans to make a series around Harry Potter. Several discussions would have been held with potential screenwriters before that. The plans are still in an early development phase.

It has been ten years since that met Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 the last movie from the popular Harry Potterfilm series appeared. Long enough, they thought at Warner Bros. because they come there with new plans around the successful franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, those plans would consist of a TV series for their streaming service HBO Max.

According to them, a few conversations had already taken place with screenwriters. Various ideas were said to have been discussed. It is still only about exploratory conversations. No one has been linked to the project yet. “There are no Harry Potterseries in development in the studio or on the streaming platform, ”HBO Max and Warner Bros. in a statement to THR.

Logical evolution

That WarnerMedia wants to make a series about Harry Potter comes as no surprise. Indeed, it is still one of the most valuable franchises in their possession. Moreover, he has also been on their streaming service for some time – just like with Disney with Disney +. So bringing Harry Potter to HBO Max is a logical move.

In addition, it can also help to divert attention from the negative atmosphere that has been around Harry Potter for some time. Last year, for example, there was several commotion about transphobic statements by writer JK Rowling. In addition, the third had to Fantastic Beastsmovie in search of a new Gellert Grindelwald through the many lawsuits surrounding Johnny Depp. They eventually found it in Mads Mikkelsen.

Complicated rights issue

It will not be easy. The rights around the world of Harry Potter are in fact quite complicated. JK Rowling controls the franchise and has control over everything related to it. The rights to the films and the rest of the Wizarding World franchise in the United States have been with NBCUniversal since 2018. They concluded a lucrative deal with Warner Bros. which is valid until 2025.

An agreement will therefore have to be found for a possible series on HBO Max. NBCUniversal also has its own streaming service Peacock.


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