Serious allegations against VW: racist commercial surfaced


It had only recently become known that the criminal proceedings against the top of VW would be terminated when VW was already exposed to the next scandal.

This time, however, it’s not about manipulated exhaust gas measurements, but about racism.

Because on Instagram, the carmaker has published an advertising spot, with which the company is stepping on several pens.

An oversized white hand that pushes a black man back and forth and finally flicks him into a shop called “Petit Colon” (German: little settler), while in the foreground a new bright yellow VW Golf dominates the picture. Then the lettering “Der neue Golf” appears in the picture, letter by letter. First the N, then an E, then the G, then another E and then the R (N, E, G, E, R). Is it all a coincidence? The Twitter and Instagram community suspects racist intentions behind this commercial, which Volkswagen recently published on Instagram.

Apparently surprised by the flood of criticism, VW quickly deleted the video from the network. But we all know that what was once on the Internet remains on the Internet forever. And so you can get a picture of the commercial yourself in the tweet above. A user filmed the advertising in the Instagram stories and then uploaded it to Twitter.

In the comments below the following Instagram picture, VW first took a position: “Hello and thanks for your comments. As you can imagine, we are surprised and shocked that our Instagram story can be so misunderstood. Therefore, we do not want to leave your comments unanswered and contact you directly in this way to correct your impression. Volkswagen clearly positions itself against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination. The content shown represents a creative use of the Instagram Story format. The origin of the people depicted is irrelevant. In order to exclude such interpretations in the future, we decided not to continue playing the story from now on. “

However, the social networks did not convince them, so the calls for explanations are steadily increasing, the above apology dismissed as untrustworthy. For example, Instagram user fraulein.fret writes: “Rethink your blatant racist advertising, honestly question the people who gobbled up this crap and then delete yourself.” On Twitter, users write that the commercial was “disgusting” that VW “Racist scum”.

When asked by a Twitter user, VW replied by email with the following statement: “We can understand the outrage and anger as a reaction to the video. Without question: the video is wrong and tasteless. We distance ourselves from it and apologize for it. ”The company also wants to clarify how this could happen and draw further consequences.

Nothing is known about the origin of the video. The street train, however, points to South America, is rumored in the net. This could possibly be an indication that a South American production company could be behind the commercial, some users write. Nevertheless, VW as the client would still be responsible for the content and should have examined the spot more closely. Read Too

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