Set up a free email account with Here’s how

With, Microsoft provides a free, German-language mail account with many extras such as online storage and a chat tool. We explain how you can set up your free e-mail account right away in just a few steps.

With you can set up a free mail account in just a few minutes. Including many additional functions such as online storage and calendar. This is how it works step by step.

Step 1: Mail name and password

Open in a browser and click on “Create a free account” at the bottom of the screen. You don’t have to use a Microsoft browser like Edge for this, it also works without any problems in Firefox or Chrome.

The first step.

Now choose a mail name that has not yet been assigned. Your free email address is then In the next window select a secure password, for which you can of course also use a password manager. To be on the safe side, check the “Show password” checkbox so that you really remember your password correctly. You can also tick the box in front of “I would like to receive information, tips and offers on products and services from Microsoft.” Then Microsoft will send you advertising by e-mail to your new mailbox. If you don’t want that, leave the checkbox unchecked.

You don't have to tell the truth here.

Step 2: name and date of birth

In the next window, Microsoft asks you for your first name and last name. Microsoft does not check this information, so you can enter anything here for data protection reasons. After that, Microsoft asked for your date of birth. This is required for age-appropriate settings. Again, you don’t have to tell the truth to use

Step 3: Make the first settings

The next thing is a captcha that Microsoft uses to prevent a bot from logging in. In our case, we had to rotate an image the right way round. Then it will take a few seconds and your new free email account will greet you. It is now important that you optimally configure options relating to data protection, privacy and advertising under “Advanced Settings”.

Under “Settings, General” you will see a list of all advertising partners under “Settings for advertising”. If you value data protection, leave them all switched off.

The smartphone is connected in no time.

Under “Appearance” you can also select a design and the “Dark Mode”. It is also important that you specify here under “Notifications” whether you should be notified when a new mail arrives.

Step 4: further settings

Under “Mobile devices” you will see a list of all smartphones and tablets on which your Outlook mail account is set up. The area of ​​“storage” is also exciting. As an user, you automatically have 15 GB of online storage available.


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You can export the entire contents of your mailbox at any time under “Data protection and data”. This can take some time, depending on the volume and size of the mails and files. You will then receive an email with a download link.

The app.

In the “E-Mail” area you can define the appearance of and create, for example, signatures. The areas “Rules” and “Junk E-Mail” are very important here. There is also a calendar for managing your appointments.

Step 5: Install the smartphone app

A 6-step plan supports you during the initial setup, which you simply work through after logging in for the first time. Setting up the Outlook app on a smartphone is very convenient. To do this, simply send a download link to you under “Settings, General, Mobile Devices”. Or even easier: just scan the QR code displayed here. This will download the app for iOS or Android and set it up. You can then write, receive and manage your e-mails at any time on the go.

The actual mail management in the web front end of should be self-explanatory. You write and receive e-mails as you like and can save them in different folders.

In addition to the online storage, Skype is also available as a chat tool and Onenote as a note management system in the context of

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