Setra 309 HD motorhome: individual alternative to luxury campers

Luxurious camper cost a lot of money. More than 100,000 euros are for a top equipped Fully integrated not uncommon. Expedition vehicles and other Luxury liners on a truck basis, it often only gives up half a million euros. Disadvantages such as the mighty dimensions, the high weight and the resulting possible Driveway– respectively. No parking the interested party always buys with them, of course.
A clever camping friend from the room Munich wanted it different – and got one Setra 309 HD of one Specialist workshop to convert to a motorhome. The bus offers several advantages: He is with scarce nine meter length reasonably compact, but has space for nine Passengers (including pilot) and offers six beds. Loaded on 11,990 kilograms permissible total weight, he enjoys access and parking advantages, according to the owner. Price: 99,000 euros.

Setra 309 HD motorhome on eBay

The bus camper drives with a Panoramic window and Air suspension before. A 290 PS stronger Mercedesdiesel with a displacement of almost eleven liters provides propulsion. The engine complies with the emissions standard Euro 2. According to the advertisement, the speedometer says 476,000 kilometers. Is switched manually. SECTION and ESP are on board. There are also among others Sat nav and Sound system, electrical Window regulator, a height adjustable steering wheel, air conditioning, Auxiliary heating and a Cruise control.

Offered Setra converted by specialist workshop

In 2012 the Setra became a Specialist workshop expanded to a mobile home. During this conversion, parts from the well-known manufacturer came among other things Euramobil for use. There is one among others Round seating area with a large dining table, ComfortMattresses in every six beds, one Kitchenette with glass ceramic hob bath with toilet, sink and round shower, two Flat screen TV, two Refrigerators with freezer, one fresh water, one gray water and one black water tank with a capacity of 150 liters each, two Starter batteries as well as two Supply batteries.
eBay Mercedes Motorhome Setra 309 HD - Exclusive camper in a class of its own

Thanks to the two-person fold-down bed: six people can sleep on board the Setra motorhome.

the TÜV badge is new according to the advertisement. The Setra became regularly in a Specialist workshop supervised. With your own Power supply by generator, the large tanks mentioned and the diesel cooker, the camper van does not have to rely on campsites. That allowed Top speed for buses is included 100 instead of 80 km / h, and according to the owner it can be in many places busParking spaces be used.
eBay Mercedes Motorhome Setra 309 HD - Exclusive camper in a class of its own

For physical well-being can be catered for with the help of a kitchenette – including a glass ceramic hob.

Well-cared for Setra 309 HDs last an extremely long time

Of the State of the Setra 309 HD should be a Test drive be examined carefully. If the bus is well cared for, it can last a long time. According to entries in various special forums, up to two millions kilometre to be possible. But for that you need engine, the gearbox, the axles, the suspension and especially the Brakes the necessary attention. The best way to see the maintenance status is by using Workshop invoices occupy. The prospective buyer should definitely ask the owner about this.

Setra 309 HD motorhome on eBay

the electronics on board can obviously cause problems. Therefore, this topic should also be considered when On siteCheck to be checked. Do the electronic assemblies work? work electronics and the Hydraulics the Doors flawlessly together? In the best case scenario, the owner can also prove the necessary service with invoices. That remains the subject rust: The Setra is not immune to the brown plague. Especially on frame under the vehicle can nibble the corrosion properly.
eBay Mercedes Motorhome Setra 309 HD - Exclusive camper in a class of its own

Anyone who is enthusiastic about the Setra should examine it carefully. The bus can have a few weaknesses.

To finish still have to two subjects for all those who do not deal with buses on a daily basis:
Such a heavy vehicle demands one Truck or busdriver’s license. With this Setra motorhome, you can’t even get ahead with a driver’s license issued before 1999.
2. the costs cannot be compared to those of a van-based motorhome. The six-cylinder of the Setra 309 HD can extend over 100 kilometers 28 liters of diesel authorize!

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