Seven cool electric cars worth waiting for!

These are currently the best electric cars

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BMW iX xDrive50


RRP from EUR 77,300, savings: up to EUR 13,386

Kia EV6

Kia EV6

RRP from EUR 44,990, savings: up to EUR 14,069 / in leasing from EUR 274

Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic

Mercedes EQS

RRP from EUR 97,807, savings: up to EUR 6,152

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Ioniq 5

RRP from EUR 41,900, savings: up to EUR 12,280 / in leasing from EUR 234

Audi Q4 e-tron 40

Audi Q4 e-tron

RRP from EUR 41,900, savings: up to EUR 12,420 / best leasing price: EUR 89

Skoda Enyaq iV80

Skoda Enyaq iV

RRP from EUR 34,600, savings: up to EUR 11,584 / best leasing price EUR 124

Mazda MX-30

Mazda MX-30

RRP from EUR 34,490, savings: up to EUR 13,035 / in leasing from EUR 90

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ for two

RRP from EUR 21,940, savings: up to EUR 8,240 / in leasing from EUR 77

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

RRP from EUR 46,560; Savings: up to EUR 7,975 / best leasing price EUR 289.00

Opel Corsa-e

Opel Corsa-e

RRP from EUR 30,400; Savings: up to EUR 11,920.00

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo XC40 Recharge

RRP from EUR 48,650; Savings: up to EUR 9570.00

And the customers? Of course, more will now think about switching to electric. Anyone who cannot charge at home or at work should leave it alone. There is still time. AUTO BILD gives an overview of why it is worth waiting: These electric cars will be available in the next three years. All of them can do more than the e-cars of today: charge faster, drive further, think smarter.

For families: the new Polestar 3

The coupé-like designed SUV (picture above) from the Swedish E-brand (from Volvo) will come in 2023, measures almost five meters and would have space for a third row of seats. The batteries in the ground should bring a range of 600 km. He will also be able to pull trailers – and his brother will be the popular Volvo XC90, which will then also only drive electrically. Price: estimated 70,000 euros.
polestar 3

With a length of 5 m, the Polestar 3 would even have room for a third row of seats. Start: 2023.

For company car drivers: Audi A6 e-tron Avant

The production car should look even sleeker than the study, Audi tells us. What will the station wagon offer from 2024? 800 volt technology, that means: recharge a range of 300 km in 10 minutes. Quattro, over 400 hp, 4 seconds to 100 km/h in the top version. A limousine is coming too. Price? Expensive, around 80,000 euros.
Audi A6 Avant e-tron Concept

The Audi e-tron Avant promises a range of 300 km in 10 minutes for 2024 thanks to 800 volt technology.

For the city: the new Cupra UrbanRebel

Just unveiled in Barcelona, ​​so sharply drawn it might as well be a mini Lambo. Only 4 meters long, rear wheel drive, 226 hp, super fast. The Cupra brings range to the popular small car class: 400 km! Coming in 2025, brother models from VW and Skoda as well, one of them for 20,000 euros.
Cupra UrbanRebel

Extremely fast electric small car with range: The Cupra UrbanRebel is coming in 2025.

For the heart: the new Renault R5

CEO Luca de Meo says Renault needs to focus on its classics: R4, R5… No sooner said than done. The R5 was the runabout of the 70s and 80s. It will be back in 2024: as a small car, fully electric, with Google on board (then the car will understand you too). And the R4 should also be available again, of course, as an E. price? Estimated 25,000 euros.

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All new electric cars at a glance

For the beach with dogs: the Fisker Ocean

Designer Henrik Fisker made the BMW Z8 and the James Bond car Aston Martin DB9. In the USA he founded his own brand. The Fisker Ocean, an SUV from 41,560 euros, will be available at the end of 2022. Rotatable display, sustainable materials, eight glass elements open in “California mode”, including the rear. Already 50,000 pre-orders worldwide.
Fisker Ocean

A touch of California: The Fisker Ocean, an SUV from 41,560 euros, will be available by the end of 2022.

For sports car lovers: the DeLorean Alpha5

No joke, the cult from “Back to the Future” is coming back. The time machine DeLorean DMC-12 is called Alpha5 (picture above), has gullwing doors! Three seconds from zero to 100 km/h, 480 km range, start of production in 2024. A US-Italian-British co-production. Prices? Nobody knows yet.

For off-roaders: the new Mercedes EQG

The off-road vehicle dinosaur (has been around since 1979) will be electric in 2024. It can turn on the spot and how, thanks to four individually controllable motors on the wheels.

Mercedes EQG Concept

The electric G-Class from Mercedes was at the IAA in Munich in 2021. Visually, the off-road icon remains true to itself.

What else? The shape remains classic, the interior digital, the range over 400 km and the price: beyond 100,000 euros.

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