‘Seven employment agencies cheat with false IDs’

According to a first estimate by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, about 250 people with false or forged Greek identity cards are working in our country due to the fraud at the employment agencies.

Greek ID card

This mainly concerns labor migrants from Georgia, but also from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, according to the Inspectorate SZW.

Greece is, in contrast to the countries mentioned, an EU country. This allows you to work in the Netherlands with a Greek identity card. This is not allowed with an identity document from countries outside the EU.

Police check

Inspectors of the Inspectorate visited the seven employment agencies and two hirers of the employment agencies yesterday. That was after the police checked a passenger van in early September in which people from Georgia were in work clothes, while they were not allowed to work in the Netherlands at that time.

The police reported this to the SZW Inspectorate, which started a follow-up investigation.

Horticulture and packaging companies

The employees concerned worked, among others, at horticultural companies, packing and processing companies in the Westland, but also at builders and cable companies.

The Inspectorate thinks that because of corona, many migrant workers from the EU who normally work in our country are now in their own country. Therefore, companies would look for new employees from other countries.


Employees from outside the EU are required to have a permit stating that the person is allowed to work in the Netherlands. The employer must apply for a work permit for these employees. If staff is hired from an employment agency, it is up to the hirer to check the paperwork.

For every employee who does not have a permit, both the employment agency and the hirer can be fined from 8,000 euros.


The FNV trade union tells ANP news agency that it is inevitable that illegal employees will be put to work due to the large staff shortages. The union points to a Rotterdam construction site where eleven construction workers were found who were working illegally. FNV also denounces the lack of supervision, especially in smaller construction projects.

The union also calls it a ‘big problem’ that these people do not earn the same as a Dutch construction worker. In addition, no tax is paid. FNV expects that with the increasing pressure on the labor market ‘black work practices’ will appear more often.

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