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Seven signs to notice that you have a spunky child

Of course, all children can be boisterous and wild at times, but parents who have a spunky child know all too well: never a dull or quiet moment.

If you recognize your little one in the following seven points, you probably have a feisty child …

1. They will never give up

Do you have a spunky child at home? Then your child probably knows very well what he wants and he is very determined. The one who builds a three-story cabin with the chairs from the dining area. The one who likes to wear shorts in the winter and wants to go out with three overflowing bags of toys, stuffed animals and other items.

For parents it can feel like they have no control over the little one. You have to think like this: the defiance and perseverance that you now see are exactly the qualities that will bring your child further in the big wide world.

2. There is no power button

Of course, no child has such a button. Your spicy little one does not know how to rest. He has a strong disdain for sleeping long and a fondness for waking up early. As a parent, you must therefore let go of the schedule of naps and strict bed times and accept that getting your little one down is not an option. They simply don’t have an off button.

3. People hear you from afar

Spicy kids are noisy, so you may feel like you have to apologize to the neighbors. Your spunky kid plans to be heard, but there are big benefits to that too. That way he will never let go of injustice. He or she is the great, fierce, fantastic personality. All you need to teach your little one is the “inside” voice, which you can also use instead of saying everything.

A photo of a spunky kid sticking out tongue

4. Advice from other parents

What works for other parents won’t work for your kids. Timeouts, standing in the corner, reward cards… you’ve already given up on all that. The only thing you can do when parents give you well-meaning advice is nod. You know your spunky little one sets his own pace and you do your best, which you just have to keep doing.

5. They are guided by emotions

Can your child go from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye? Is he laughing hysterically one minute, then crying the next minute? Of course, most kids have trouble regulating emotions, but spunky kids are completely controlled by their emotions. They cry the loudest on birthdays and swing from every tree. Spicy kids live at full speed and that is fun to experience.

6. Change is a challenge

So when your child is living at full speed it is difficult to change gears. You’ve probably noticed; a child struggling to drop something he or she is doing. No matter how many warnings you give, your child will try to resist. Things just take longer, you may need some extra explanation, but you will get better at it (and the kids too).

7. Other kids move towards them

The other side of all the noise and chaos? Spicy kids are quite popular. Other children are drawn to their energy and sense of fun. This gift for friendship is not something you can learn or buy.

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Seven signs to notice that you have a spunky child


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