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Several hundred people who remain second fail to declare the Belgian State in default

“It is apparently some sort of administrative stubbornness,” said Verbist. “People have run out of patience.” He is also annoyed by “some sort of frame around the second stayers.” As if wealthy people with a second home are in a rich coastal community. That is not correct. Many people in healthcare, doctors who work hard, want to be able to relax in the place they once chose. ”

The complainants have given notice of default to the Belgian State. “Either that notice of default is ignored, or they are explicitly discussed.” Verbist still hopes for “an early measure that can be worked out perfectly in joint consultation”. If the government does not fold, the complainants demand 50 euros for every day that they cannot go to their second home, with retroactive effect from March 23.

Earlier, another second resident had already sent a bailiff with a similar demand to the cabinet of Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem (CD&V).


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