Sexy car calendar: the hottest calendar girls of the year

The hottest calendar girls

For car calendars, particularly beautiful women are staged in front of great vehicles. AUTO BILD shows the hottest pictures of the past few years!

JYear after year, automakers, suppliers, and tool providers bring out sexy auto calendars, and they’re selling well! You can see pretty girls in, in front of or on hot cars – sometimes with more, sometimes with less clothes. Just in time for the holidays, AUTO BILD looked for the best calendar photos of recent years from the archive: from Liqui Moly to Febi Bilstein, from Car-System to Twin Busch. To click through and enjoy. In the gallery there are the hottest calendar pictures of the past years!

Sexy car calendar 2021

Erotic calendar “DDR-Classics” 2021

Price *: 8.99 euros

Sexy Carwash 2021

Price *: 13.99 euros

Cars & Girls Wall Calendar 2021

Price *: 19.93 euros

Swallow Girl 2021

Price *: 13.99 euros

Young farmers dreams 2021

Price *: 13.99 euros

Screwdriver dreams 2021

Price *: 13.99 euros

Moped girls 2021

Price *: 13.99 euros

Models & US-Cars wall calendar 2021

Price *: 19.62 euros

* Prices as of November 3rd, 2020


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