Sezina (16) knows how to blow everyone away in The Voice

As soon as the sixteen-year-old starts the first notes of ‘All By Myself’, Waylon presses the infamous red button – after which Ali B immediately follows. Céline Dion’s classic is not the easiest song, but Sezina does not turn her hand to it. Something the judges can barely comprehend. All four of them turn enthusiastic for the teenager, who does not know what is happening to her. Although Sezina confidently bangs out all the high notes during the performance, she turns into a shy girl afterwards.

“That last swipe … it went on and on. Do you have an oxygen bottle on your back?” Coach Waylon jokes when she has recovered a bit. “I will go crazy if you do not choose me. Really not normal! You are only sixteen and just do this. You are a very tough one. (…) I want to experience that finale with you. I will eat the pillow if you don’t choose me “, he continues.

Ali would love to have her too. “I’ll eat your chair … during Ramadan”, he tries to outdo Waylon. But unfortunately, the beautiful words of the ‘Wicked Way’ singer have the desired effect: Sezina decides to put her fate in the hands of the rocker. “We are going to have a great time and make very nice things. I am so happy with you. We are going to make very beautiful things”, Waylon thanks her while Ali in the meantime takes a bite in the chair of his competitor.

Viewers have to get used to the corona measure taken for coach Anouk in recent weeks. Although Anouk is not physically there, she can still lash out at Jan. Below you can see everything about it.

The Voice of Holland can be seen every Friday on RTL 4 at 8 p.m.


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