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Shahine el-Hamus and Beppie Melissen win Calves best actors | Entertainment

Shahine el-Hamus was nominated for two Calves; he also had a chance to win a statuette for his role in the TV series Dear mum. The Pisa Pledge talks about the 15-year-old Amsterdam boy Samir (Shihane el-Hamus). Samir is a fantastic trumpet player and is accepted at the Zuid Muzieklyceum. As the only student of Moroccan descent, he is the odd man out.

At 20 years old, El-Hamus is not the youngest ever winner of a Calf. Actor Martijn Lakemeier received the statuette for his lead role in the hit movie War winterwhich he played when he was 14 years old.

Second time

In front of Beppie Melissen it is the second time that she wins a Calf. In 2011 she already won the statuette for best supporting actress for her role as Tante Cor in the hit comedy Gooische Women. The awards for best supporting roles went to Noortje Herlaar, also for Hair salon Romy, and Bilal Wahib, for his role as a troubled youth in the drama Paradise Drifters currently running in cinemas.

The Golden Calves will be awarded on Friday evening in the Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht. Because of the corona measures, it is a sober ceremony.


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