Share links in Whatsapp status – that’s how it works

Share a link directly in Whatsapp status so that others can call it up with a click. Thats how it works.

Whatever you want to share with your contacts in Whatsapp, the fastest and easiest way to do it is via your Whatsapp status. There you can not only upload text or images, but also share links – for example to a video on YouTube or an article that you find interesting. The advantage of this: Links are embedded in such a way that contacts can call them up directly. There are basically two ways how you share links in Whatsapp:

In every smartphone browser, you have the option of transferring URLs to other apps using the share symbol. If you can’t find the icon right next to the URL, it’s usually hidden in the menu options. How to do it:

  1. Click the share icon on Youtube or in your browser. The Share menu will then open in which you have to select Whatsapp Messenger.

  2. Now the “Send to” view opens in Whatsapp. At the top you will find “My Status”, followed by your contacts. Select the status.

  3. A text field is generated that already contains the full link. If the link contains media content, a small preview appears at the bottom. And don’t worry: As chaotic as various links may look, they will be displayed cleanly after the status has been uploaded.

  4. If you wish, you can add your own text before or after the link and then submit the status.

Link example in Whatsapp status before sending (left) and afterwards (right)


Link example in Whatsapp status before sending (left) and afterwards (right)

Instead of the share icon, you can of course also copy the links manually and paste them into Whatsapp. The procedure only differs here at the beginning:

  1. Select the URL and click the copy icon to save the link to the clipboard.

  2. Open Whatsapp and switch to the status view.

  3. Create a text status by clicking the pencil in the lower right corner.

  4. Now paste the link from the clipboard, add something if necessary and then send the status.

More tricks and instructions for Whatsapp can be found here:

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