Sharon Doorson and boyfriend Brunno split up after eleven years

“Well, how do you share something like that,” she begins the post. ‘A new adventure, but with a lot of emotions … Maliya and I are moving back to Utrecht, where I grew up myself. Brunno and I unfortunately chose to split up after an 11-year relationship. I am grateful that together we gave birth to such a special girl because she is the best thing that ever happened to us. Grateful for all our beautiful memories together. ‘

She asks her followers to leave her alone for the time being. “I hope you understand that we want to give this break a place in peace,” she says.

Doorson became known for the girl group Raffish, which was formed in 2004 in the program Popstars: The Rivals. Together with Esri Dijkstra, Eva Simons, Lianne van Groen and Nora Dalal, she released an album and three singles. After the breakup of this group, Sharon started a solo career.


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