Sharon Doorson still suffers from after-effects burnout

According to Sharon, she has always been a perfectionist. “It is very difficult for me to say ‘no’ and I think everything is really cool”, she says Casting Canteen-winner Ricardo Ras. “So at some point you want to take everything, because it is going well. And you always hear that: once you are in that vibe you have to tackle everything. But I was not made for that at all, to do everything.”

“If it costs you a lot of energy, you have to say to yourself now and then: no, we won’t do this. Because you also have to rest”, Sharon continues. Wise words, but she didn’t care then. “It just got too much (…) At one point I couldn’t even answer my phone.” Even a visit to the supermarket was grueling. “I was already completely devastated,” said Sharon.

Although it was not an easy time, the singer is somewhere grateful for ‘the realization’. Sharon: “We are in a profession where everything comes to you and you cannot say ‘yes’ to everything. It will remain a point of attention for the rest of my life, because I always have to be careful.”

“I can now relax from a picnic outside or a walk through the woods. They are very simple things, but you have to find out.” The arrival of her daughter has also brought more peace and regularity to her life.


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