Sharp releases its first OLED TVs

First only in Japan: The new OLED TVs from Sharp

After 8K has not been able to ignite even in Japan, more and more manufacturers are turning to OLEDs there. This also applies to Sharp, who are now launching their first 4K OLEDs in their home country.

Previously, Sharp had tried to win over customers with 8K TVs. Japan is a very progressive market in which new technologies are generally adopted much faster than in Germany, for example. Nevertheless, customers hesitated there, too, so that sales figures fall short of expectations. Now it should target OLEDs for Sharp. Sharp is in good company, because now, in the premium segment, with the exception of Samsung, basically all TV manufacturers rely on OLED.

And even Samsung already has plans because they are planning so-called QD-OLEDs, OLED televisions with quantum dots. But back to Sharp, who are now poaching with the models of the CQ1 series in the OLED segment. There are two models with 55 and 65 inch diagonals on the market, which start at around 2,400 euros. They are 4K models and the panels come from LG. At the heart is a separate SoC from Sharp, the “Medalist S1”. Unfortunately, the connections are still limited to HDMI 2.0. The new models will be released in Japan on May 23, 2020.

Sharp OLED 2020
Sharp now brings OLED TVs – on the left in the picture

Android TV serves as the operating system for the TV, which of course guarantees a wide availability of apps. It is now open whether Sharp wants to bring these OLED TVs to the market outside of Japan as well. Because so far there are no further announcements.

Sharp should come up with more information in September

The traditional IFA would be in Berlin in September 2020, but this year it will take place with a modified concept due to the corona crisis. Maybe Sharp will tell us more about the international release of his OLED TVs. Sharp also highlights the sound qualities for the OLED series CQ1 – 2 tweeters, 4 midrange speakers and 1 subwoofer are used. This should enable a total output of 65 watts (10 W + 10 W + 15 W + 15 W + 15 W).

In addition to HDR10 and HLG, the Sharp CQ1 also support Dolby Vision. Our biggest criticism is the lack of HDMI 2.1 – according to Sharp, the TVs do not offer eARC either, they are stuck at ARC. As a new generation of consoles is coming soon, which should take advantage of HDMI 2.1, TVs without HDMI 2.1 2020 are only conditionally recommended.


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