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Most beautiful memory

“To Brazil with my mother. I was about 17 years old at the time and in a modeling competition I won a trip for two to Porto Seguro, Bahia. The time was nice and special, we are still talking about it. ”


“I ended my relationship once in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Although I love Paris more every year, I still can’t fully embrace the city because of that. ”

Longest journey

“Sydney. With my then boyfriend to his sister’s wedding. Beautiful city, great weather, great people, but that trip! Never had such thick ankles. Walking around, wearing special leggings, nothing helped. ”


“Meet the drummer of a famous band at Schiphol, turn out to be on the same flight and once in New York go with him to a party. He had just finished a tour in Europe. We went to a bar with a few colleagues. Great fun! ”

Always with you

“Neck pillow, toothbrush, smintjes and my waterproof e-reader Kobo Libra.”

Craziest eaten

“Sheep balls / testicles in Jordan, tastes like a bland chicken pudding.”

Most beautiful meeting

“Four years ago I met two ladies at a yoga retreat in Thailand, we are still in a WhatsApp group together. One now has twins, the other is pursuing a career in Hong Kong. We did a lot together: yoga, walking, talking. I still feel that bond. ”


“Camping in New Zealand and hiking through Patagonia.”

Holiday love

“The sweetest is my very first holiday sweetheart, Sebastian. We were super young and nothing really happened between us, but we were totally in love. We have been writing and calling letters for a long time. We see each other once a year. He is now a father. ”

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