Shell is testing ‘super battery’ for faster charging of electric cars

Shell works together with the Dutch company Alfen, which makes charging stations for electric cars and battery systems.

According to Shell, the battery can also charge two cars at the same time at the charging stations in Zaltbommel. In addition, the reserve capacity can be used to sell power back to the network at times of high demand. This generates turnover for the location and contributes to the stability of the power grid, according to the company.

The parties say that with the help of this technology, charging points can be placed in locations where this would normally not be possible, for example because the connection to the network is not sufficient.

Half a million charging points worldwide

Shell states that the availability of charging points is crucial for a massive transition to electric driving. The company has an ambition to expand its global network of electric vehicle charging stations to 500,000 by 2025, from more than 60,000 now.


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