Shell renewable gasoline suitable for plug-in hybrids

Blue Gasoline Gasoline

Compatible with the Super 95 E10, Blue Gazoline is a gasoline developed by Bosch, Shell and Volkswagen in order to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions.

This fuel, which complies with the EN 228 / E10 standard, can be used in all new and existing vehicles which usually work with the SP95 E10.

So why mention it more specifically for plug-in hybrid cars? For 2 reasons.

The first is that this blue gasoline benefits from superior features, including a good slower degradation. It can therefore be stored much longer. This is why it will suit the users of these vehicles who favor operation in electric mode: emptying a tank in these conditions can take several months.

In addition, if it was ecological reasons that drove the decision to purchase a plug-in hybrid, use a fuel that is intended to be less emissive helps reduce its environmental impact.

Shell promises with its Blue Gazoline a minimum 20% reduction in well-to-wheel CO2 emissions. And promises to erase the balance, or 80%, thanks to certified compensation agreements.

After Blue Diesel R33, this new fuel would contain up to 33% renewable energy. It would be naphtha (by-product of the production of pulp, or waste and other residual products) or ethanol based on biomass certified by the international ISCC system.

Distributed from this year, starting in Germany and in Shell service stations, blue gasoline prevents clogging and corrosion of the thermal block.

For its own needs, the Bosch OEM decided to replace the SP95 E10 with the Blue Gazoline.


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