Shell shareholders vote on move | Will the Netherlands get another 10? | Nobel Prizes awarded

The traditional buffet is canceled due to the corona crisis. Does that put the hungry shareholders of Shell in a bad mood when they have to vote on the move of the oil group to the United Kingdom? When the boxes are packed, Shell loses the royal title Royal Dutch.

In Sweden, the annual Nobel Prizes are awarded to scientists, writers and do-gooders. Women’s emancipation is hard to find, twelve of the thirteen scientists can pee standing up. They receive the certificate, the well-known medal and a corresponding amount of money. Due to the corona crisis, only the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov, are present in person.

In terms of formation and approach to the corona crisis, we are the laughingstock of Europe, but we can watch the money.. When it comes to creditworthiness, we traditionally score a 10. Is that the case again after all the support packages? Credit rating agency Moody’s presents the six-monthly assessment of the creditworthiness of the Netherlands.

The first ‘Cyberbank’ in the Netherlands opens in Amsterdam, following the example of the food bank. Residents with a low income and a Stadspas can pick up a laptop here against payment of a 20 euro deposit.

It’s Human Rights Day. And so Amnesty supporters around the world are back in the pen for people who have been wrongfully imprisoned or threatened, during the Write for Rights-write action. The Green Light Action is also being held in the Netherlands. Buildings are colored green to draw attention to a humane asylum policy, although there is little chance that the Rutte cabinet will be impressed by this.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: Founders Esther and Anne Vedder of the successful online jeweler Vedder & Vedder got into a heated argument with their business partner. The sisters want to get rid of him, but find that he demands too much money for his shares. The business partner asked the Enterprise Chamber to intervene, but was blunt.

We think you should also read this: A decent wage, continued payment in the event of illness, the right to vacation days and the option to build up a pension. Couriers, meal deliverers and other platform employees will be given more rights if it is up to the European Commission. They should be treated as ordinary employees. Meal deliverer Wouter is happy with it.

And you may have missed this last night: A new drug against cystic fibrosis is included in the basic package. The price of the drug Kaftrio was initially around 194,000 euros per patient per year. After the ministry negotiated with manufacturer Vertex, the price has been lowered.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

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ps Help, the IP addresses are running out! As a result, a lucrative trade has arisen in this business. We have far too little of them, which is why they are being sold for considerable sums. Some people have even made it their business.

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