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Shia LaBeouf was in a relationship with two women at the same time

Female singers Sia and FKA twigs had a relationship with Shia LaBeouf at the same time. Sia tells that in an interview with The Sunday Times. LaBeouf was also married at the time, to a third wife: Mia Goth.

“We both thought we were the only ones who agreed with him,” says Sia Furler, as the Australian singer is called in full. “But that was not the case. And he was also married. ” LaBeouf would have asked the singer to marry him, among other things. After that he would have promised to go through life sober.


LaBeouf was in the news negatively several times. For example, ex-girlfriend FKA twigs sued him for physical and mental abuse, but the actor flatly denied that. Sia has also spoken out earlier about his ‘hurtful statements’. She also praised FKA twigs in a separate tweet. “I love your FKA twigs. This is very brave and I am very proud of you. ”

Sia has since deleted her Twitter account.

LaBeouf denies

Among other things, FKA twigs said that her then-boyfriend had given her a sexually transmitted disease on purpose. LaBeouf himself also responded to the charges. He denies the whole thing, saying he acted in self-defense. The actor said, according to US media, that “no injury or other assault has occurred as a result of his act or negligence.” His team of lawyers reports that when the actor displayed aggressive behavior, it was done out of self-protection.

After the charge of FKA twigs, LaBeouf left his agency. That, he said, was voluntary. He stops acting for now to seek help for his aggressive behavior and alcoholism. According to an insider, the actor had himself admitted to a clinic. “I abused myself and everyone around me for years,” he said at the time. “I have a history of hurting people closest to me. I’m ashamed of that history and I’m sorry I hurt people. I can’t say anything else. ”

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Shia LaBeouf was in a relationship with two women at the same time (and they didn’t know it)


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