Shop & Go: Shop and pay quickly in all Ikea furniture stores

You can now shop and pay quickly in all Ikea stores with the Ikea app without having to empty the shopping cart at the checkout. That’s how it’s done.

Ikea now enables shopping and payment with its “Shop & Go” in


54 Ikea furniture stores in Germany. Previously, this was only possible in selected Ikea branches (see below). This was announced by the Swedish furniture giant.

Specifically, it works like this:

You install the Ikea app on the iPhone or Android smartphone. In the furniture store, they scan a QR code once to activate the function and start shopping.

Then, while shopping in the Ikea furniture store, you can scan the products you want yourself with your smartphone and put them in your shopping cart. You always have an overview of the costs in the app.

After completing the purchase, a QR code is generated in the Ikea app. Scan this QR code at all express checkouts and then pay without emptying your shopping cart.

Review: This is how the Ikea app “Shop & Go” function started in December 2021

Ikea added a “Shop & Go” function to its Ikea app for iOS and Android in December 2021. This means that customers can now pay more quickly at the express checkouts in Ikea furniture stores. However, not everywhere for the time being.

At the start only in five branches

Because the new “Shop & Go” only worked in just five Ikea furniture stores at the start:

According to its own information, Ikea currently has branches at 54 locations in Germany. The Swedes want to gradually make the other locations compatible with “Shop & Go” by summer 2022. That’s what happened.

Previously, customers could only create shopping lists with the Ikea app and, for example, browse the range and order products for delivery. The new “Shop & Go” function now also includes on-site shopping.

Of course, customers can still pay at Ikea without an app at the conventional checkouts and at the express checkouts.

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