Shopkeepers do not expect huge crowds due to Sinterklaas shopping

Retailers’ organization InRetail does not expect that there will be extra crowds in shopping streets. Bad weather probably also prevents people from going shopping en masse, the organization says.

According to Buienradar, drizzle will fall first this morning. From noon, a rain area will also enter our country. “The afternoon does not look good to do the last Sinterklaas shopping.”

Check here if it’s going to rain for you:

‘Black Friday was not too bad’

It is important for shopkeepers that it remains quiet in the shopping streets. With the increase in the number of corona infections, crowds in the shops are not desirable.

INretail had previously also sent out a call to stores to spread promotions around Black Friday as much as possible over several days. In addition, consumers have been repeatedly advised to shop especially at quiet times.

According to the organization, the crowds with Black Friday, more than a week ago, were not too bad, partly because of this. INretail based this, among other things, on data from an agency that kept track of how busy it was in various shopping cities using counting sensors.

Figures from Currence, the company behind iDEAL, among others, show that Black Friday has led to a peak in payments, especially online. What probably also played a role was that it was raining in large parts of the Netherlands at the time.

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