Short Fremont pause confirmed – line for Model 3 will restart earlier (updated)

Following reports of an interruption in production at Tesla’s electric car factory in Fremont, California, several media outlets released an email from CEO Elon Musk late Thursday with further information. After the excerpts of the same name, Musk wrote that production in Fremont had been “reduced” or “shut down” for a few days – the English word “bring down” can mean both. Production has been running again since yesterday (Wednesday) and will soon reach full volume again for Model 3 and Model Y, the Tesla boss is further quoted as saying.

Update: The stop of one of the four lines for the production of the Model 3 in Fremont should also be lifted earlier, according to two Twitter observers. Initially, the production line should be shut down for two weeks until March 7, according to reports. But the affected employees should be producing Model 3 again this Sunday, wrote the observers citing unnamed sources.

According to Musk, parts shortage at Tesla

The first information about a partial stop at Tesla in Fremont was published on Thursday by the observer @SawyerMerritt on Twitter. The factory has been closed for a few days, he reported, citing several informed people. In another message, he specified that it was not clear which of the production lines were shut down there. In any case, some of the employees used for Model 3 were sent home for two weeks.

He also heard from several sources that there might be a shortage of parts from a particular supplier; There is speculation about the shortage of chips. In addition, the message that Tesla supplier Samsung had to interrupt its production in the US state of Texas a few days ago due to the extreme winter. There is also a huge shortage of automotive tax chips across the industry, although it is not clear to what extent Tesla is generally affected by this problem.

According to later reports, Tesla CEO Musk also mentioned “problems with the delivery of certain parts”, but did not reveal any details. This opportunity was used to modernize and maintain the facilities in Fremont. Production has been running again since Wednesday, is quoted from his email, which @SawyerMerritt even published in full. Fremont will be “ramped up to full 3 / Y production quickly over the next few days.”

A line for Model 3 still inactive?

In fact, local observers had already registered more electric cars and loading activities in the parking lot in front of the Tesla factory on Wednesday after it was said to have been very empty there on Tuesday. Both would fit the quoted statements by Musk.

However, citing its sources, @SawyerMerritt also reported that some Model 3 workers had been informed that Tesla would not need them for two weeks. The same thing was later reported by the news agency Bloomberg and named March 7th as the end date of the two-week break for one of the up to four lines for Model 3. That wouldn’t be for a week. So CEO Musk may have a relatively broad definition of the “next several days”.

Update: With the new information about the restart of the line for Model 3 on Sunday, it is clear that the CEO’s statement about the time was to be understood literally. This should also fix the reported parts shortage, apparently faster than Tesla initially expected.


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