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Short hair? Then use hair soap instead of shampoo

On the shelves you will see a different shampoo for all hair types. Thick or thin hair, long or short, colored or gray – and then you also have special shampoo for damaged, curly hair and against dandruff in the hair.

If you look at the packaging of such a shampoo bottle, you will see a lot of ingredients that will certainly make your hair clean again, but at the same time you also damage your hair. It contains very aggressive products, not good for your hair and not good for the environment.

So with a piece of shampoo bar you are done in one go. And yes, that really takes some getting used to. Because instead of going through your hair with a liquid soap, you now spread a block of soap over your wet hair.

Less greasy hair

Not only does this require some adjustment in terms of use, your scalp also needs some time to get used to it. Your scalp and hair are used to the thorough cleansers you’ve been using for years.

By using hair soap your scalp will produce less sebum and your hair will become less fat.

It takes some getting used to

So if you switch to this sustainable option, you should give your hair some time. Try the shampoo bar for one to two months.

Good news: it appears that people with short hair are less affected by this transition. Especially people with fine hair notice that their hair has a lot more volume in a natural way.

As far as we are concerned, now, during the lockdown, is the ideal time to give this soap a try (even if you have long hair).

Good for the environment

So many benefits for your hair, but such a bar of soap is also good for the environment. Starting with all the plastic bottles that you no longer have to buy. A bar of hair soap is comparable to three bottles of shampoo.

In addition, there are residues that cannot be broken down in your ‘old’ shampoo. Hair soap, on the other hand, is completely biodegradable. In this way, no more harmful substances end up in the water. So a good resolution!

That’s how you do it

The biggest difference? It looks like a bar of soap. Instead of squeezing the liquid shampoo out of the bottle, soap your hair by rubbing a block of soap over your wet hair. Until you have enough soap and foam to wash. So make sure the hair is wet first, then it will foam faster.

You can also rub the soap into your hands first and run it through your hair. Wash your hair as you always do and also massage and rinse the scalp well.

Would you like to try this too? Shampoo bar is available online and if you can’t decide, honey is a popular choice.


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