Short pleasure: Smallest Tesla Model Y removed from the configurator after only 6 weeks

At the beginning of January, Tesla surprised everyone with the inclusion of the smallest standard range model with rear-wheel drive in its configurator for North America. Unlike with the Model 3, CEO Elon Musk had previously excluded them because a standard range of less than 250 miles was “unacceptable”. But it came anyway, and last week Tesla even lowered the price for it by $ 2,000 to $ 39,900 – but last weekend the Model Y SR RWD suddenly disappeared from the order pages again.

Little Model Y ordered too often?

As usual, this was first noticed on Twitter and was discussed intensively there. Tesla itself did not announce the change and therefore also a small explanation for it. A customer published information from Tesla on Reddit that production of the smallest Model Y has been stopped. If possible, copies that have already been ordered will still be delivered.

The explanation for the move suggested that demand for the Model Y SR RWD was too high and too low. In the first case, Tesla would have decided not to offer the model anymore because it was too much at the expense of sales of the higher variants. In the second case, the production effort for the new basic version would simply not have been worth it. In addition, the hope was expressed that little Model Y would come back again after an interruption.

New Tesla price reduction, also for Model 3

At the same time, Tesla turned the prices for the Model Y and Model 3 again over the weekend in the USA. Last week, the Model 3 Standard Plus was $ 1,000 cheaper and has since cost 36,990 dollars without extras, the price for the model that has now been discontinued Y with a smaller battery and rear-wheel drive even fell by $ 2,000. At the same time, both performance variants were each $ 1,000 more expensive. Initially, the prices for Model 3 and Model Y with a large battery and all-wheel drive (Long Range AWD) remained unchanged. With the elimination of the smallest Model Y, however, Tesla has now also lowered the prices for both long-range models by $ 1,000. Model 3 in this version now costs at least $ 45,990 in the US, and Model Y is available from $ 48,990.


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