Shots on the highway: SUV driver fires four bullets at Tesla Model 3 with a pistol

With the sentry or guard mode, the cameras in Tesla’s electric cars monitor the surroundings when parking, and the dashcam function can also record events while driving. In most cases, such amusing or only mildly dangerous events come to the public with Tesla participation, but now the driver of a Model 3 has documented a life-threatening attack with the built-in cameras that could even be rated as an attempted murder: while overtaking a US -Highway, the person behind the wheel of an SUV shot the Tesla next to him four times.

Shot at Model 3 through an open window

The Model 3 driver was unharmed, as he later reported on Reddit. Initially, he only published a short video sequence of the attack itself, along with the note that it was not preceded by any provocation on his part. Another video confirms this information at least for the time immediately before. From the perspective of the left side camera, you can see how the Tesla is traveling at moderate speed, first in the middle and then in the very right lane of the motorway.

He drove calmly and with the flow of traffic, the attacked reported on Reddit. Both videos show what happened next, and the incident was also documented in a YouTube video. An SUV that was later identified as a GMC Envoy by other forum members is approaching noticeably faster from behind in the free center lane. At the level of the Tesla, it adapts its speed to that of the electric car, and the window on the passenger side lowers. A hand with a pistol can be seen in the opening. Muzzle flashes from it cannot be seen, but a recoil effect twice before the vehicle disappears forward out of the camera’s field of view.

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The Tesla driver takes the exit to the right that follows immediately and continues on another freeway until the video ends. A little later, he started a new Reddit thread with photos of his gray Tesla Model 3 after the incident. It shows police officers and even four bullet holes, two in the driver’s door and two in the rear. He himself was not hit, reported the attacked person – the locking mechanism in the door had stopped the front bullets. One of the two on the rear door was stopped by the window motor, the second broke through and got stuck in the back seat.

Tesla records handed over to police

What motivated the person behind the wheel of the GMC to do this remained open at first. The height of the bullet holes suggests that she wasn’t killing himself, but she almost certainly wanted to hit the driver of the Tesla, and not just the car. According to his information, the person concerned himself did not succeed in deciphering the license plate number of the SUV in his notes. But he handed the material over to the police, who will probably be able to do so – first attempts have also come from other Reddit users. In this respect, it should at least be possible to identify the attacker and hold them accountable.


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