Should Google Lap 2 Billion Euros? | German coalition continues | And yes, there is still a pay gap

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A lot has changed due to corona, but the pay gap is still there. He seems to have narrowed slightly, according to the latest biennial salary survey by Nyenrode and Intermediair. Yet women still earn less than men, especially among the highly educated.

A record fine beckons to Google. Or actually to Google Shopping, the shopping service of the search engine company. In 2017, the European Commission fined it 2.4 billion euros for abuse of power. Google appealed, today is the ruling of the European Court.

There it is: the German coalition negotiations are entering the next phase. It appears that the 22 working groups that have negotiated the coalition agreement in recent weeks will present their findings. The SDP, FDP and the Greens hope to start in the first week of December.

Down with the ANPR! advocates the Privacy First Foundation. The system that centrally stores the license plates of millions of cars with automatic number plate recognition is ‘totally unnecessary, completely disproportionate and ineffective’. According to the foundation, which instituted summary proceedings against the State for this.

This piece was the most shared yesterday:
In the ‘not so chic’ category: an employee of a wholesaler was fired. That was reversed when he argued that his best friend had died. But man turns out to be very much alive.

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Home batteries sound like the perfect solution in these times of high energy prices. Why are they not yet sold en masse in the Netherlands?

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In theory, an au pair should be here to get acquainted with Dutch culture. In practice, they often work too many hours and perform too heavy work. New rules should prevent that.

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ps The gas must eventually continue to flow, which is why the EU does not seem willing or able to make it too difficult for Russia, writes RaboResearch economist Elwin de Groot.

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