Show (and share) WiFi password – that’s how it works

Entered once and then forgotten – the WLAN password is not exactly one of the things that you want and have to remember all the time. Despite WPS and printed standard keys, there are always occasions when you simply want to display the password quickly. For example, to type it into a new device or to pass it on to a visitor.

Read out and display WiFi password under Windows

In Windows (no matter if Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10/11) you do not need any additional software to display the password of the WLAN connection currently in use. To see your own WLAN password, simply click with the right mouse button on the WLAN symbol and select “Open network and sharing center”. In the next window click on the link next to “Connections” in the “Show active networks” area to open the status window of the WLAN connection. Then click on “Wireless Properties”, then select the “Security” tab and check the “Show characters” checkbox. The WLAN password is then displayed in clear text in the “Security key” field.


start the command prompt (CMD.exe) with administrator rights. Click the Windows icon and then enter CMD. Windows shows “Command Prompt” in the program menu. Right click on it and choose Run as Administrator. Confirm the security question and enter the following command:

netsh WLAN show profile name = SSID name key = clear

With the command netsh for the command prompt you can display the WLAN key saved in Windows for each SSID.


With the command netsh for the command prompt you can display the WLAN key saved in Windows for each SSID.

Replace “SSID-Name” with the name of your WLAN. You do not have to be currently connected to the WLAN to display the WLAN key in this way. Windows only needs to be logged into the network once for the key to be available.

Show WLAN password on the Fritzbox

You can view the WiFi password used on almost all routers. To do this, however, you must have access to the router’s web interface. It does not matter whether you access the web interface via Ethernet or WLAN. You can usually easily access the Fritzbox interface via the URL

Once on the surface, open the menu “WLAN -> Security” on the left and then select the “Encryption” tab on the right. The WLAN password can then be found in the “WLAN network key” field.

If you have activated a WLAN guest access, you will find its password under “WLAN -> Guest Access”.

By the way: In both cases you can also change the WiFi password used here. Please note, however, that all existing WiFi connections to the router will then be interrupted and you will have to enter the new WiFi password on all devices in order to be able to access the network again.

View or share WiFi password on Android

Your smartphone still connects to the WLAN, but you have forgotten the password for it. The easiest way is to open the router interface via the smartphone as described above and read off the password there.

Of course, you can also read out all the passwords stored in the device directly. To do this, however, root access to the Android smartphone must be activated. Then install the Wifi Key Recovery app and start it. The password list determined in this way can then be exported or individual entries can be copied to the clipboard by tapping on it.

With many Android devices, WLAN access can easily be transferred to other devices using a QR code


With many Android devices, WLAN access can easily be transferred to other devices using a QR code

You can also easily share your WiFi password on many devices with the latest Android version using a QR code. To do this, tap on “Settings -> Wireless & Network -> WLAN” and then on the name of the connected network. A window then appears with a QR code, which you can read on another device with any code scanner (e.g. QR & barcode scanner) in order to connect.

If you have a Fritzbox, you can install the MyFritz! App on Android and then find the WLAN network key for your Fritzbox under “Comfort functions” and “WLAN”. From here it can then be shared via a QR code or via WPS.

Find out the WiFi password under macOS

Via the utility

Keychain management

As an administrator, you can also make your WiFi password visible under macOS. Call up the program and enter the name of the WLAN in the search mask at the top right. If you now click on the “AirPort Network Password” entry found, you will get a dialog box with no visible entry next to “Show password”. Click on the tick there and enter your admin password now at the latest, you will now see the password in plain text.

Share WiFi password from iOS 11

As of iOS 11, saved WiFi passwords cannot be displayed without jailbreaking. However, if you want to transfer your WiFi password to another device with iOS (or macOS), this is very easy. Activate Bluetooth and WLAN on both devices and connect one device to the network. If you hold the other device next to the connected device, a window will appear through which the WiFi password can be shared. The prerequisite, however, is that the person with whom you are sharing the password is also saved in the address book of the source device.

If you need to know the WiFi password, there is still a detour via macOS: All WiFi passwords that a Mac was connected to are stored in the macOS keychain. You can find more information on this in this tip.

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