Show before the show: Tesla boss Musk and Miley Cyrus warm up for the big SNL appearance

Wherever Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears, a cluster of people forms around him – mostly that’s the case on Twitter, but it also works in the real world. So he was seen these days instead of California or Texas in New York, where he is to appear on Saturday as a guest presenter of the TV show Saturday Night Live: A fan video shows how Musk there immediately after leaving one Hotels should answer many questions at the same time. His musical guest on Saturday is Miley Cyrus, who developed from a good tea-anager star to an idiosyncratic artist, and that promises a dynamic mix.

Tesla boss takes time for SNL

Both Musk and Cyrus have tens of millions of followers on Twitter. So there is no shortage of popularity on the net for the two of them, and the producers of the show should hope that this will also be expressed in high audience ratings. Both have also already shown that they are not very interested in the public majority opinion. Cyrus is about 20 years younger, but she could still be seen as a role model for Musk in one respect: She smoked a cannabis joint publicly at an awards ceremony in 2013 – the Tesla boss had Joe five years later at the podcaster Rogan made a similar scandalous appearance.

Musk has Tesla, SpaceX and a few smaller companies to run and, according to his own admission, has little free time. But he seems to take a few days for the SNL appearance. He is said to have arrived in New York with his family by the middle of the week and have since met with the team of authors, among others. A few small promo scenes with Cyrus have also been recorded and published by SNL on Twitter.


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One of them may already show which humor Musk and his professional joke writers will resort to, among other things: self-irony. Standing between Cyrus and another woman, the Tesla boss declares himself unpredictable in the scene – nobody knows what he will do on Saturday. Cyrus agrees for himself – “Rules? No thanks, ”she announces. Then the second woman advises both of them that their mothers will be in the studio. Cyrus then asks to forget what has just been said, and Musk explains like a typical interchangeable TV guest: “My film is good – somewhat”.

Watch live in Germany with VPN

With 46 years on the air, it’s no wonder that some say SNL is past its prime – one columnist even hoped Elon Musk would take the humor industry on a new path after the auto and space industries .

For European fans of Tesla, SpaceX and Musk (or Cyrus) the main question is, of course, how they can witness the multi-CEO’s show debut live. In the USA it will be broadcast from 11:30 p.m. New York time this Saturday, if it is 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning in Germany. According to a report by the IT portal t3n, it should be possible to pretend to be an Internet user in the USA using VPN. To do this, however, you may have to try out several locations and it is not certain whether this is legal.


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