Sia’s film ‘Music’ is being razed to the ground by critics and viewers

Music, the first full-length film by singer Sia, is not well received. And that is putting it mildly. The film caused a lot of commotion before she was even released because Sia had chosen the role of an autistic character for Maddie Ziegler.

The film Music van Sia was released in the United States on February 12. But the film is absolutely not to the taste. The film received a lot of criticism before it was released, which has only been fueled after its release.

Piped everywhere

That the film is not appreciated by critics and by the public, is painfully clear on the various websites where reviews are collected. At the moment Music a Metacritic Score of 25 out of 100. On IMDb the film gets stuck at 3.2 out of 10 and on RottenTomatoes Music a score of 16 percent.

But the comments are also very hard. They range from “a disaster of a movie” and “an insult” to “we were wondering every minute of the movie ‘why?’” And “everyone who worked on this movie should be deeply ashamed”.


The film was actually written off even before it appeared. And that has mainly to do with the casting. Sia chose for the lead role as the autistic Music Maddie Ziegler, which you can already know from the clips of the singer. It may have seemed like a logical choice for Sia, but many say it was a big mistake not to go for someone who is truly autistic. Many saw it as a form of ablism, prefer healthy people over people with disabilities.

Sia said about this to the Australian The Sunday Project: “I realized that it was not ablism used to be. I mean it is ablism, but it’s basically favoritism because I can’t do a project without Maddie. I wouldn’t make art if she wasn’t involved. ” As the criticism continued, Sia tweeted, “I cast thirteen neurotypical people, three transgender people and f * cking prostitutes or drug addicts, but as doctors, nurses and singers. I’m f * cking sad that no one has even seen the movie. My heart was always in the right place. ” Not much later Sia deactivated her profile on Twitter.


Music is about a teenager with autism named Music (Maddie Ziegler) and her half-sister Zu (Kate Hudson). Zu was a drug dealer, but after the death of her grandmother, she takes care of Music. The film follows the duo as they find their place in the world. In the film, music is used to reinforce the story.

Watch the trailer for this Music:


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