Sidney Hoffmann: driving license gone for a month!

One month driving ban for Sidney

In the latest episode of “Sidney’s World” the Dortmund tuner confesses that he had to hand in his driver’s license.

PQuaint confession in the seventh episode of “Sidney’s World”: Sidney admits to his Have lost driver’s license for a month. Reason for the driving ban: “I drove a little faster.” The driver’s license was withdrawn during the Filming his series on DMAX in the way. It will not be resolved whether he had to hand over his driving license in 2019 or 2020.

“The moment you get your rag back is like plugging your heart back in,” says Sidney. However, his joy at the time was still somewhat dampened, as he still has points and has to be careful. At the end of the seventh episode, Sidney is for that Team “Hot Wheels” at the Hamburg-Berlin Classic Rally (HBK) there. Back then I was allowed to be a co-pilot and … um, I did so poorly at the beginning. After all, the navigation faux pas provide a lot of entertainment. So, tune in! Tonight at 8:15 p.m. on DMAX.


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