Sigi Maurer and her difficult to tame mandataries

One reason why the turquoises still close: The government work with the green ministerial team and the teamwork between club boss Sigi Maurer (Greens) and August Wöginger (ÖVP) work smoothly, it is said. “The Greens criticize us, but they always go with the votes,” said an ÖVP official. This development is best manifested in Sigi Maurer. She had developed from a revolutionary to a model student in party discipline.

As a reminder, the coalition has only five overhang mandates. In other words, if a few Greens leave the government line, it will be tight for the coalition.

But how can you explain the difference between disciplined voting behavior and critical comments? Part of the truth reads like this: The green base, where the government decides it is rumbling, must be satisfied. “MEPs have to serve their communities,” says Hofer.

But what holds the Greens together is the bitter memory of the fateful year 2017. “Back then, the Greens saw where intra-party skirmishes lead, namely in the exodus,” says Hofer. Before this happens again, the green MPs prefer to coordinate the turquoise-green laws with a clenched fist in their trouser pockets.


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