Sign in to Outlook using the Hotmail login

If you still have an old Microsoft Hotmail address, you can use it in the Outlook web service. That’s how it’s done.

Anyone who still has a Hotmail email address today can continue to use it or revive it. They are now a rarity, because new mail addresses with the ending @ or @ have not been assigned by Microsoft for some time.

Calling up will automatically take you to the start page. There you can click on the “Sign in” button, which opens the Microsoft account service page. Now enter your Hotmail email address and then the associated password. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” Under “Enter password”. and follow the instructions.

If you already have an account, you can also connect it to a Hotmail account. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and then on the entry for all settings. You can now add another mail account under “Sync email”. Then simply enter your Hotmail e-mail address and your password. All previous messages from this Hotmail account go to a new folder on

Our tip:

If you have not used Hotmail for a long time, then you should also take the switch to as an opportunity to change your password. Go to this Microsoft page with your logged in Hotmail account and change the password.

What is / was Hotmail?

Hotmail was the name of Microsoft’s early web mail service that started in 1996 under the name HoTMail (referring to HTML) and was acquired by Microsoft in 1997. Then, over the years, Microsoft changed the name of the service. It was sometimes called MSN Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail.

The updates were also necessary because the technically outdated web service had become too susceptible to attacks and the range of functions was no longer modern. In 2012 Microsoft then decided to discontinue Hotmail entirely and to replace it with the completely newly developed After a long test phase, the Hotmail brand was finally buried in the spring of 2013 and finally replaced by the service. users not only have all e-mails in the web application under control, but also receive a calendar, a task area and a contact book. In addition to a free version, there is also a paid premium version.

Anyone who has subscribed to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) can also access their emails via with the same login. Microsoft offers corresponding apps for iOS and Android, which have become better and more powerful over time.

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