Silent Hill maker Keiichiro Toyama talks about his new horror project

Only at the turn of the year did horror fans get the good news that Silent Hill maker Keiichiro Toyama had founded the new Bokeh Game Studio together with some industry veterans and was working on a new horror game there.

The new game from the horror experts should be a “horror experience” in the field of action adventure. The new project should also appeal to its old fans. The release is currently planned for 2023. PCs are given as the lead platform, but they hope to be able to publish on as many platforms as possible.

Today they have published a video in which they introduce themselves and the first project in more detail. As for our first project: So far, I’ve taken different paths in my work, ”said Toyama. The path I chose this time around is a pretty dark one, a far cry from my newer titles, ”Toyama continued. For the past few years, Keiichiro Toyama has been working on the Gravity Rush series.

This is the kind of horror that Toyama is planning

“It’s like going back to my roots – for example horror. My ideas went in that direction. […] Instead of something that [nur] deeply rooted in horror, I also want to keep the entertainment going. I want to keep the horror elements and inspire players to play. “

His view of horror is the shock of everyday life. So it doesn’t always have to be “scary things” that frighten players. Instead, Toyama wants to confront us with the fact that we actually live peacefully. A little cryptic. What do you think Toyama means by that?

Then he addresses “death games” in comics, in which entertainment is a factor alongside the brutal. He also chose such an approach for the project. He wants to put players in irrational situations. In the video you can find out more about the first project from Bokeh Game Studios and see all kinds of first concept art. If you prefer to read, you can find an English script at Gematsu.

Other industry veterans are involved

Besides Keiichiro Toyama, other promising names are involved in the project. This includes Naoko Satō, who worked with Toyama on Siren. Junya Okura, lead-level designer from Siren and Gravity Rush, is also on board. As well as three veterans from Sony Japan Studios.

Images: Bokeh Game Studios


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