Simon Keizer gets wind from the front after little empathetic column

Simon lists a few linguistic errors that make his neck hair stand on end. Simon reads more often than he likes:When will a new single be released?“I can live with typos. No, someone really thinks that when the correct spelling is! Where did it go wrong? “His frustration from the Volendammer.

He finds it even worse when people write words incorrectly in their own field. As an example he gives: ‘We received an application from an interviewer for a – according to him – interview. I’m sorry, but I can’t take such a man seriously anymore. He writes, of course! You know, words! “

Colleagues cannot escape Simon’s annoyance either. When other musicians write their new ‘girth ‘ to announce, it crackles in his head. “There is such a thing as a Singel, but that’s the canal in Amsterdam. (…) If I girth see, my hands are itching to correct such a person in a public response. “

According to him, even people with dyslexia have no valid excuse. “I can’t help feeling that many people hide behind the condition quite easily,” he writes. Fortunately, Simon also puts his hand in his own bosom, because he himself does not write a hundred percent faultlessly: he has all his columns checked by his former Dutch teacher and he thought that ‘ommenabijwas the correct spelling for ‘around and around’. If only he had pointed this out to him, he writes.

Under the message on Facebook, there is a massive response from surprised fans. Many of them think that Simon should be an example and leave a wrong impression with his words. ‘I teach my daughter with dyslexia that she is good the way she is. Also with dyslexia ‘, a mother leaves in the comments. “Maybe look a little further than your brush is long, Mr. Emperor,” a second commenter taps him. Another remarks: “Please let these people in their value and pay attention to yourself.”

Earlier, Simon and his musical companion Nick announced that they wanted to contribute to the youth. Watch the video below:


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