Simon Keizer moves wife Annemarie to tears

Simon, Annemarie and their daughter Kiki flew from hot to her on their world trip. They captured the trip they took, which included Cape Town, Singapore and Tokyo, for their YouTube series. The planet tour was cut short by the corona virus, but they still managed to reach Australia. Annemarie was allowed to blow out no fewer than 35 candles on arrival in Mornington. An emotional moment for her.

Tears begin to flow when Annemarie is handed a card written by her parents. She hardly reads through the damp eyes. “It’s okay, isn’t it?” Simon assures her. The valley of tears continues when the singer gives a letter where he recites the 35 reasons why he loves her so much. “I have to cry already,” Annemarie responds immediately.

Want to see everything about the mini series by Simon and Annemarie? They tell about it in the video below.


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